Latitude of Amalapuram: 16,5833 (1634'59.880"N)

Longitude of Amalapuram:   82,0167 (821'0.120"E


Amalapuram ( అమలాపురం) is a town in East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India is 30 km from Greater Rajahmundry city . It is the headquarters of Godavari delta named Konaseema, the triangle formed by the waters of Godavari. These lands (Black cotton soil) are highly fertile for growing crops like coconut and paddy. Kakinada and Rajahmundry are the two connecting cites to Amalapuram. It is the Lok Sabha Constituency from where the former Lok Sabha Speaker Late Sri Ganti Mohana Chandra Balayogi was elected. Located in this town are the famous temples of Lord Venkateswara, Lord Subrahmanyeswara and Lord Chandramouliswara. This town is known for its Vedic culture and its development.



Educational Institutes

  • Amalapuram has a very well established infrastructure for education. It has institutions that offer courses from KG to PG. The famous SKBR (Sri Konaseema Banoji Ramars) College has a significant historical background and has produced many great people that served Mother India. The person who mainly fought for establishing the college was Mr. Bhamidipati Venkata Avadhanulu, as when he was in early 18's he made a revolution and collected money, land etc. and also got support from the local people.
  • There a Medical College and Hospital, Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences. It is providing free medical services to the poor and needy. It is also providing Free Medical Transportation Services to many villages nearby. It is located near Amalapuram and is affiliated to NTR University of Health Sciences. It is a part of the prestigious 'Chaitanya Group of Educational Institutions', East Godavari for which Shri Chaitanya Satyanarayana Raju is the Founder Chairman.
  • There are many engineering colleges, namely BVC Group like BVC engineering college(Odalarevu),B.V.C. Institute of Technology and Science(Amalapuram)BVC College of Engineering(Rajahmundry), Prasiddha college of engineering & technology, Anathavaram; AIMS College of Engineering,Technology Village, Mummidivaram, Srinivasa Institute of Engineering & Technology, near Cheyyaru village, affiliated to JNTU-Kakinada.
  • B.V.C. Engineering college (Odalarevu),is the first private Engineering college in Eastgodavari District, which offers courses in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computers,Civil and Information Technology, and M.Tech & M.C.A
  • B.V.C. Institute of Technology and Science offers courses in Electrical, Electronics, Computers and Information Technology, and post graduation courses MBA and MCA.
  • Amalapuram has excellent schools like Montessori Public school, Gita Vidyalaya E.M. high school, Z.P. Boys High School and Z.P.Girls High School,Narayana, Sri Chaitanya e-techno School, Ravindrabharati, St. John's High School, Sree Konaseema Residential School,Paramjyothi Public School, Sri Vidyavan, Best Convent (now Aditya), Mother Teresa Public School various other private and Government schools.
  • The 10+2 colleges in Amalapuram Aditya, Sri Chaitanya, Vidyanidhi, other private and Government(S.K.B.R) Junior Colleges.
  • It also has many Veda Patasalas (Veda Schools),
  • law colleges.
  • There is also Sri Sankara Sangeeta Vidyanilayam, a Carnatic Classical Music school.
  • There is Prem Institute of Career Education's Head Quarter.
  • There is the Balayogi Ghat built in memory of Late Mr.G.M.C. Balayogi.
  • Apart from those, there are some temples nearby. There is a famous temple in Ainavilli of Lord Vinayaka.
  • It is nearly 12 km from Amalapuram and Lord Shiva temples in Mukteswaram and Kotipalli, and also there is a temple in Palagummi of Lord Shiva.


List Of Villages in Amalapuram  Mandals




Ashok Nagar










K M Agraharam














Sri Rama Nagar







Distance from Amalapuram to 25 biggest cities of country: India
Amalapuram - Bombay 1009 km Amalapuram - Delhi 1431km Amalapuram - Bangalore 623 km
Amalapuram - Calcutta 941 km Amalapuram - Madras 432 km Amalapuram - Hyderabad 387 km
Amalapuram - Pune 891 km Amalapuram - Agra 1 249 km  Amalapuram - Vadodara 1122 km
Amalapuram Officers Contacts
Successful persons from Amalapuram
List of Elected Members for Assembly:
  • 1951 - Nadimpalli Ramabhadra Raju
  • 1951 - Bojja Appalaswamy
  • 1955 - Bojja Appalaswamy and Golkoti Narasimha Murthy
  • 1962 - Kudupudi Suryanarayana
  • 1978 - Palacholla Venkata Sri Rama Rao
  • 1967, 1972, 1985 and 1989 - Kudupudi Prabhakara Rao
  • 1983 - 1994, 1999 - Metla Satyanarayana Rao
  • 2004 - Kudupudi Chittabbai
  • 2009 - Penipe Viswarup


  Amalapuram Town Business Services



The Support Team

Y Babu M.B.A



High School Road ,

 Amalapuram-9704232397, 9396990877

Email :


Apollo Pharmacy  Survey No.434/3, Door No.3-2-116, Amalapuram Main Road -8856-230972.

Andhra Book Stall  Black Bridge Down-235083.

Andhra Printers Limited T C Centre- 232344.

A S N Degree College For Women  Bhupayya Agraharam, College Road-232125.

Abbas Enterprises-General Merchandise, Retails General -7-1-96, Muslim Street-231722.

Adarsha Hospitals General Practitioners and Surgeons,College Road-234868.

Addepalli China Vekataraju Brothers. 1-6-40, Main Road- 231055.

Adinarayana Jewellers.Devangula Street-231796.

Aditya Medical Agencies.  Yerramilli Street-235499.

Akulla Satyanarayana & Sons.3-1-34, Cinema Road-231281.

Alie Enterprises.Furniture General, Home Services and Renovation.  Muslim Street-232281.

Ambica Cloth Showroom.Cinema Road-236036.

Amma Hospitals.Homoeopaths, Homoeopathic Medicines and Consultants,.Near Lalitha Theatre- 232490.

Anand Refrigeration.Air Conditioning Contractors, Gandhi Bazar- 233441.

Annapurna Medical Hall.. T C Centre-231151.

Annapurna Nursing Home.College Road-232140.

Anwar Tailors.Mens Tailors, Personal Services.Sridevi Market-235825.

Aparna Jewellers.Main Road-230047.

Apco Fabrics. Muslim Street- 237639.

Apel.Computer Training Schools, Education and Tuition.Near Clock Tower-233481.

Aptech Computer Education.Kuchimanchi Agraharam- 232992.

Ashok Leyland Car Finance.College Road-234159.

Aswani Specialities Emergency Hospital.Opposite Skbr College-231815, 232815.

Aswini Fisheries (p) Limited.Near Red Bridge, Challapalli Road-231007.

Avanti Beauty Parlour.Bokkavari Street, Surya Nagar-236560.

Bala Balji Readymade & Cloth Showroom. High School Road 235105.

Balaji Medical Agencies.Muslim Street   234519.

Balaji Trading Company.Main Road   239441.

Balaram Studios.Cinema Road   235760.

Balayogi Raghavendra Traders.7-1-1, High School Road 231499.

Balu Best Junior College.Devangula Street   232233.

Bangalore Bakery.Opposite Head Post Office 232276.

Bangalore Dresses.Sridevi Market 233957.

Basha Beds & Pillows & Steel Furniture.Sridevi Market   233193.

Bayyana Rama Krishna Jewellers.Devangula Street  238219.

Beauty Garments.Muslim Street    232946, 230921.

Bhagyalakshmi Stores.Babul Saheb Street   232491.

Bhaskara Associates.Near Lic Office, Konkapali Market  233300.

Bhimeswara Kirana & General Merchants.Opposite Sharif Complex, Main Road 235450.

Billa Coolers.2-3-41, Near Market, Billa House  232504,...

C M C Computer Education.Opposite Skbr College  232445.

C T & T Computer Education.Kuchimanchi Agraharam237116.

C V Raman Public School.Prakash Street, Kuchimanchi Agraharam      234650, 236727.

Cell Point.Mummidivari Gate Centre, Main Road                 232087.

Cell World.3-2-80/8, Opposite Z P Boys High School 237396.

Chakka Ramarao & Sons.Opposite Z P H School 231732.

Chamundeswari Jewellery.Main Road 234750.

Chandana Brothers.Cinema Road  235392.

Chandra Tailors.Muslim Street   230479.

Charishmatailors.Opposite Skbr College  236988.

Chinta Mallikarjunudu & Sons.Bandaru Lanka 231533.

Chitti Jewellers.Devangula Street   231117.

Choice Herbal Beauty Parlour.3-1-152/a, Opposite Varma Hospital, Kuchimanchi Agraharam 235961.

Classic Fashions.Dakshina Murthy Street   234873.

Coromandel Pest Control.Bakkavari Street    236560.

D K Jewellers.Vyadanadam Street       232498.

D Suryanarayana Jewellers.Main Road  233732.

Danteswari Saw Mill.Near Bus Stand    231455.

Datapro.Opposite Hero Honda Showroom, Skbr College Road 233663.

Deepak Coir Industries.Peruru   245082, +91-9849449093,...

Devi Cloth Showroom.Muslim Street   231866.

Devi Computers.3-2-7, R B Towers, Kuchimanchi Agraharam 235577, 232577.

Devi Pharma Distributors.Devi Market    233852.

Devi Priya Jewellers.Devangula Street  235706.

Devi Sridevi Garments.Muslim Street 232324.

Dhanalakshmi Jewellers.Main Road    231706.

Dhanalakshmi Jewellery Mart.Machiraju Street               231073.

Dhanamjaneeya Impex (p) Limited.  Near Red Bridge  231797, 232797.

Divyadarshini Furniture Showroom.Main Road    232447.

Dolphin Gifts.Cinema Road        232286.

Dommeti Venkatareddty & Brothers.3-3-31, Cinema Road      231416.

Dr A Radhika.Near Municipal Park, Subhadra Nursing Home & Infertility Centre.

Dr A Venkata Rao.Sri Venkateswara Nursing Home, Kuchimanchi Agraharam-.231564.

Dr B Bhuvaneswara Raju.3-1-123, Billavari Street    231092.

Dr B Murali Krishna.4-4-10, P Agraharam   231252.

Dr B S R K Prasad.Near Venkata Rama Theatre, Sri Lakshmi Skin Hospital, Narayanapet Road   232066.

Dr B Satya Mohan.College Road-.232004.

Dr C Latha..Opposite Satyasai Kalyana Mandapam, Krishna Multi Speciality Dental Clinic.

Dr D Ramachandra Ro- 3-2-12, College Road, Kuchimanchi Agraharam   231346, 232029.

Dr D S Krishna Mohan.12-1-4, Opposite Mro Office   230563, 233255.

Dr D Satyanarayana..Community Hospital               231103.

Dr D Venkateswara Raju..4-1-57-a, Municipal Park Road                 231466.

Dr Devi Meenakshi..Raghava Nursing Home, Kuchimanchi Agraharam          231391.

Dr G Bharathi..Main Road             231207.

Dr G Gangaraju.Sri Complex          231803.

Dr G Ramam..5-3-3-a, College Road          232327.

Dr G S R K Gangadhara Ranga Rao..Ganikamma Temple Street     231608.

Dr G Saraswathi.Yerramilli Street           231208.

Dr G Srinivasa.Radha Nursing Home      231381.

Dr G Surya Chandra Rao.Sri Venkateswara Dental Clinic, Cinema Road       231552.

Dr G V Varma. Bhupayya Agraharam        232129.

Dr G Venkateswarlu.Opposite Cal Gas Agency       232013.

Dr G Vijaya Kumar..Swarna Homeo Clinic                    231024.

Dr K Harihara Swamy.College Road            231034.

Dr K Poleswara Rao.1-3-43, Main Road              231588.

Dr K Vijaya Rani.Holy Family Hospital, Red Bridge Down          236464.

Dr K Visweswara Rao.Opposite Rtc Complex, Surya Childrens Hospital   230132, 236161.

Dr M S N Murthy. Sri Satya Skin Hospital, College Road       231809.

Dr M V Suryanarayana.Murthy Nursing Home, Main Road   232139.

Dr M Venkata Suryanarayana.Ganikamma Temple Street   231929.

Dr M Venu Gopal.4-2-57, Bhupayya Agraharam 231067.

Dr Nageswara Sastry. Ayyala Somayajulu Street, Bhupayya Agraharam 32095.

Dr P Kondala Rao. 8-1-33, Garapati Street 231122.

Dr P P Sridhara Rao.Opposite Skbr College   233445.

Dr P S Sarma.Near Black Bridge, Oppoiste Government Hospital, Vidyut Nagar  234031, 230395.

Dr P Sakuntala.United Nursing Home, College Road   231346, 232346.

Dr R N R Chakrapani.4-2-45/2, College Road    231001.

Dr R V Raju..Konaseema Multi Dental Clinic, College Road      234902.

Dr Ramana Murthy.4-2-79, Bhupayya Agraharam  231869.

Dr S K Krishnaveni.3-5-26/2, Konkapalli                                                 232143.

Dr Srinivasa Rao.Near Tower Clock, Chebolu Eye Hospital  230327.

Dr T V S Samba Murthy.Parvathi Nursing Home, College Road     231017.

Dr V Chakrapani.Konkapalli        232058.

Dr V Girija Kumari.Adarsha Hospital, College Road       234868.

Dr Vijaya Rani.K S Memorial Holy Family Hospital, Mahipal Street   231071.

Durga Cloth Showroom.Muslim Street      231577.

Durga Furniture Showroom.Muslim Street       232039.

Durga Sea Foods.Near Red Bridge        232223.

Durga Srinivasa Jewellers.Devangula Street         234297.

Durga Studio..Black Bridge Down          237138.

Elim Vidhyaniketan.Church Of Christ Campus, Janakipet   232476.

Eswara Jewellery Mart.Devangula Street          232219.

Fashion World.Devi Market                 231890.

G V S Cloth Showroom.Devi Market      231139.

Ganapathi Medical Agencies.Vidyanathan Street        235893.

Ganapathi Theatre.Edarapalli          231584.

Ganapthi Sweet House..Cinema Road           231318.

Ganesh Ent Care.College Road         236470, 237455.

Ganesh Studio & Video Coverage.High School Road       235255.

Gangaraju Theatre.Near Tower Clock         233975.

Ganti Somasekhara Rao & Brothers.B-14, Peruru      231093.

Geetha Nursing Home.Macharao Street       231324.

Geetha Vidyalaya.Gandu Street       234546.

Gifts & Gifts.Cinema Road         230697.

Girija Agencies.Muslim Street         231878.

Girish Jewellers.Main Road   231642.

Godavari Textiles.5-80, Vilasavilli        231446.

Gopal OpticalsMain Road                                                 237834.

Gowtham College.Vaddigudem Road           232763, 237387.

Gupta Enterprises.A G Road       237139.

Hanuman Theatre.Edarapalli          231945.

Hari Priya Computers.R K Towers, College Road            233108.

Hdfc Bank Limited.College Road      232261.

Heera Studio.High School Road          235213.

Hi Tech Fashions.High School Road              235895.

Hindar Jewellers.Main Road           231971.

Hindustan Co-co Industries.Edarapalli              232335.

Hitesh Jewellery Mart.Devangula Street                230856.

Hitesh Jewellery Mart.Main Road     231942.

Hollow Bricks Works.Near Red Bridge        231290.

Hollywood Fashions.High School Road             232316.

Homoeo Health Centre..Opposite United Nursing Home, College Road     230371.

Hotel Gowtham..Beside Lalitha Theatre                   231383.

IicmGovernment Hospital Road           235634.

Indian BankT C Centre          231989.

Indian Opticals.Near United Nursing Home   232144.

Indian Overseas Bank..3-1-147, Dudduvari Agraharam          231332.

J K Enterprises.Greenland Road   230772, 238192.

Jayalakshmi Jewellery Mart.Main Road                231396.

Jnnyc.Near Skbr College      232655.

Jupiter Tailors.College Road   233034.

Jyoti Studio.Near Telegraph Office, College Road      232102.

K Ramachandra Rao & Company.3-4-17, Kuchimanchi Agraharam  231217.

K S Memorial Holy Family Hospital.Mahipal Street   233271.

K Satyanarayana Murthy & Brothers.13-1-128/2, Cinema Road        231142.

K V D Anantha Lakshmi.2-76/8, Kandriga Main Road, Via Palivela     284404.

K V R Opticals.Opposite Lalitha Theatre, Cinema Road            230990.

Kamaladevi Eye Hospital..Kuchimanchi Agraharam       231291.

Kanakadurga Glass House..3-2-55/3, High School Road            230221.

Kanakadurga Opticals.Sridevi Market                   230221.

Kanakamahalakshmi Jewellers.Pitchaiah Street          232336.

Kanti Jewellery Mart.Main Road                 233272.

Karuna Sea Foods..Challapalli Road          235665.

Kavitha Video & Studio.Government Hospital Road            236935.

Khaja Photo Studio & Photo Stores.Main Road              232271.

Kims Hospital.Near Red Bridge, Chaitanya Nagar           237997.

Konaseema Drinks..4-3-16/1, College Road               232675.

Konda Subbarao Sons.6-13, Bandarulanka              231792.

Krishna Emporium-College Road               232571.

Kumar Textiles.Burrulanka               230289.

Lakkimsetty Suryaprakasa Rao & Sons.Bandaru Lanak          232134.

Lakshmi Bala Balaji General Stores.Mosque Lane          233237.

Lakshmi Cloth Showroom.  Muslim Street-230911.

Lakshmi Cosmetics & General Agencies.Mummidivaram Gate      232673.

Lakshmi General Stores.Muslim Street       230766.

Lakshmi Sai Rice & General Stores.Government Hospital Road               230957.

Lakshmi Srinivasa Agencies.High School Road           234026.

Lakshmi Traders.4-72, Vilasavilli           231527.

Lakshmi Venkata Durga Fancy & General Stores.College Road        231765.

Lalitha General Stores.Mobarlipet             232402.

Life Style Readymades.Devi Market        232713.

M Adinarayana.3-160, Vanne Chintalapudi, Palati Chitti Pallayya     229496.

M K Rao Fancy Stores.Cinema Road         232503.

M S N Glass House.Muslim Street 232901.

M S Suryanarayana.Narayanapet        233175.

M Satyanarayana.Bhupayya Agraharam        231556.

Madhav Funny Fancy.Black Bridge Down     234735.

Mahalakshmi & Company.10-3, Main Road   231621.

Mahalakshmi Cut Pieces.Muslim Street-231786.

Mahalakshmi Enterprises.Greenland Road-237404.

Maharshi E M School.Near Municipal Park-231768, 230063.

Mani Jewellers.Devangula Street-234881.

Manikanta Traders.Yeramilli Street-231376.

Manikanta Video Library.Main Road-231797.

Mariyam Child Home.Near Black Bridge232243.

Maruthi Master Lab & Studio.Swarnasai Complex, Cinema Road-236908.

Matamsetty Nageswara RaoSridevi Market              237440.

Meer Makhpul Jewellery Works.Pitchaiah Street             230039.

Metro Systems.Yerramalli Street                                                 231534.

Microtek Computers.Near Skbr College, Beside Bharat Gas             234642.

Modern Jewellers.Beside Subbalamma Temple                           231530.

Moram Vanamaiah & Sons.Edarapalli             231016.

Mother Teresa E M Public School.Dudduyari Agraharam           232779, 232997.

Mother Teresa Public School.Near Government Hospital         236888.

Naga Studio.College Road           237587.

Nagarjuna Marble SuppliersNear Skbr College             232697.

Nalu Narasimha & Sons.7-2-26, Gandhi Bazar          231258.

Navabharat General Stores.Cinema Road      231077.

Navata Studio & Video. College Road     237389.

New Konaseema Medical Agency.7-2-72/2, Babul Saheb Street    231422.

New Royal Fancy Stores.Main Road     233018.

Niit.Gowtham Complex, Beside Lalitha Theatre     234174, 230174.

Nithya Kalyani Sea Foods-Ashok Nagar  232669, 235428.

Officers Recreation Club.D Agraharam   231402.

Om Datta Sai Jewellers.Devangula Street     235312.

Om Venkateswara General Merchants.Muslim Street    232169.

P Janardhana Rao.Behind Income Tax Office      231096.

Pace Computers.College Road   233690.

Padma Cloth Showroom.Muslim Street        232205.

Padmaja Agencies. Near Red Bridge     231769.

Padmavathi Medical Agencies.Yerramilli Street  235327.

Panchamukhi Fancy Stores.G S R Complex      230820.

Param Jyothi Public School.Opposite Government Hospital       230150.

Pavan Traders.College Road         236338.

Pitchika Veerraju & Sons.Bandarulanka       231607.

Prakash Book Depot.Opposite Zp Boys High School          230659.

Prakash Jewellers.Subhalamma Temple Street      232035.

Prakash Tailors.Sridevi Market, Muslim Street      231427.

Prasad Agencies.Devi Market             232622.

Prathiba Education Academy.Black Bridge Down        238142.

Prem Industries..Gokule Street      231437.

Premi Industries.Vithanalavaripalem           235857.

Prince EmporiumNear Skbr College              232016.

Prince Tailors.College Road            231186.

Priya Bankers & Sowjanya Finance.Devangula Street 237952.

Pulleti Kurthivari Jewellery Works.Vinayaka Temple Street      233785.

R K Studio.Government Hospital Road       235279.

R R K Associates.K Agraharam        231371.

R S Ladies Corner.Near Sekhar Theatre        232067.

R V R Study Circle. Near L I C Office        233137.

Raghavendra Public School.Opposite Kothapalli Anjaneya Swamy Temple         230441.

Raj Kumar Tailors-Devangula Street     232068.

Raja Textiles.Vilasavilli     231664.

Rajahmundry Venkata Satya Nagapuran Textiles-Main Road            231479.

Rajeswari Marrige Lines.Opposite Kokapalli Market       235661.

Rajini Silk Palace.2-155, Main Road          231199.

Raju Silk Palace.Main Road           232603.

Rama Hospital.Kuchimanchi Agraharam, Bank Street           238226.

Rama Ice Cream Parlour. Main Road                    232178.

Rama Theatre.Near Rtc Complex                 231038.

Ramana Cut Pieces Centre.Burrilanka                231283.

Ramana Refrigeration Works.Gandhi Bazar                 234159.

Ramya Ice Cream Parlours.Gandhi Bazar              238203.

Ranga Studio.S No.34, Gowthami Complex      235089.

Ravikala Cloth Showroom.High School Road             232573.

Rohini Mother & Child Hospital.Mahipal Street          233447, 230875.

S D K M Vivekananda U P School.Sriram Nagar, Bhupaiah Agraharam 231104.

S D S Tailors.. Mummidivaram Gate         233940.

S P R M Vivekananda U P School.Vidyut Nagar     231510.

S S P Jewellers..Main Road                 231665.

S Srinivas.Opposite Subbarayudu Temple                 231968.

S V S M Best Convent.  Near Sai Baba Temple, Vaddigudem        232141.

Sagar Aqua Needs.   Near Red Bridge     232375.

Sahitya Public School.Dometivari Street       235304.

Sai Beauty Clinic. Kalavenkatarao Street     232389.

Sai Bhargavi Enterprises.Machiraju Street    235054.

Sai Leela Orthopaedic Hospital.  Muslim Street  233363.

Sai National Refrigeration Works.Opposite Big Mosque, Main Road  233446.

Sai Orthopaedic & Skin Hospital. College Road  232260, 230111.

Sai Surya Jewellers.Subbalamma Temple Street 236930.

Sai Venkat Bankers.Subbalamma Temple Centre  236176.

Sambaiah Homeo Clinic.Pattabhi Street     232021.

Sanjeevaraya General Traders.Devi Market     231883.

Sanjeevini Childrens Hospital.College Road              232404.

Sankar Institute Of Information Technology.Muslim Street         233421.

Santiniketan Primary School.Main Road           236406.

Sarada High School.Manchiraju Street, Gandhi Bazar     232666.

Saravani Silk House. Cinema Road- 233385.

Saripella Sea Foods.Red Bridge Down, Mummidivaram Road-232618.

Saripella Subbaraju & Sons.  5-4-50-b, Gollagudem          231227.

Saroja Jewellers. Vinayaka Temple Street       230992.

Satish Marble & Granites.A G Road         231686, 231304.

Satya Dresses.Muslim Street       231596.

Satya Hardware & Plywoods. A G Road      234585.

Satya Lakshmi Siva Ganesh Kirana & General Merchants.Gunnaiah Complex, Main Road- 232926.

Satya Prasad Studio.College Road     230633.

Satya Sai Electrical & General Stores. College Road        234843.

Satya Siva Jewellers.Devangula Street    231344.

Satyam Electricals & Sanitary. Near Edarapalli Bridge       237314.

Satyam Marbles. Near Edarapalli Bridge       233768, 231686.

Satyam Timbers. A G Road  231455.

Satyanarayan Murthy T V V. 7-3-2, Gandhi Bazar  231754.

Sekhar Theatre. Near R T C Complex      231983.

Seth Himathmal Champalal Finance & Bankers.Devangula Street    232442.

Sha Kanthilal Devichand.  Sugguvari Lane    230280.

Sha Manojkumar Tarachand.Gandhi Bazar       232360.

Shanmukha Battery Agencies. Municipal Complex        230708.

Sharat Opticals & Industries. College Road      232286.

Shiridi Sai Medical Agencies.Tatavarthy Street      230702.

Si Kamalapriya Enterprises.Main Road, Bandarulanka  230557.

Siddhanthi Subrahmanya Achari.Dommetivari Street   234721.

Siddhi Vinayaka Cut Pieces.Sridevi Market      230056.

Siddhinath Jewellers Devangula Street     235971.

Silpa Granites. Kommaripalem-235315, 234123.

Siri Aquaa Needs.College Road-233171.

Siva Cut Pieces & Readymade.Bendamurulanka Centre-250090.

Siva Sai Aqua Centre.12-21-17/5, Red Bridge    230413.

Sivaram Rice Merchants.G S R Complex   233866.

Sourabha Enterprises.Near Mummidivaram Gate 237773.

Sowbhagya Jewellery Mart.Devangula Street-230763.

Sowjanya Jewellery Mart.Main Road-232210.

Span-iit Computer Education.4-2-23, Beside Aswani Emergency Hospital, Skbr College Road-233471.

Spg Computers.College Road-230336.

Sree Divya Herbal Beauty Parlour.Near Black Bridge- 234119.

Sree Pharma.7-2-150-2, Muslim Street-232597, 233223.

Sri Ambica Agencies.7-2-16, Main Road-231701.

Sri Ambica Jewellery Mart.Main Road-232171.

Sri Ananthalakshmi Jewellery Works.Devangula Street-234205.

Sri Bala Balaji Bakery.Main Road-237327.

Sri Bharani Enterprises.3-3-69, Krishnaraopet-231678.

Sri Bhramaramba Picture Palace.Bandaru Lanka-231458.

Sri Chaitanya Cloth Stores.Cinema Road-231682.

Sri Devi Aqua Needs.Near Red Bridge-231027.

Sri Devi Collection.Sridevi Market-230766.

Sri Devi Collections.Devi Market-230766.

Sri Devi Departmental Stores.Rtc Complex-231920.

Sri Devi Furniture.Muslim Street, Devi Market-234493.

Sri Devi Jewellery Mart & Finance.Vinayaka Temple Street-232564.

Sri Devi Kirana & General Merchants.Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple Street-30796.

Sri Devi Medical Agencies.Gandhi Bazar-234177.

Sri Devi Pearls.2-1-35, Devangula Street-231339.

Sri Devi Sea Foods.Near Red Bridge232226.

Sri Devi Tailors.Market Street-235467.

Sri Durga Emporium. Main Road-230850.

Sri Durga Furniture Works.urasalavari Street-230183.

Sri Ganapathi Aqua Needs.College Road-231352.

Sri Ganesh Fancy Mart.High School Road-232551.

Sri Ganesh Jewellers.Subbalamma Temple Street-236939.

Sri Ganesh Readymade Showroom.Red Bridge Down-237978.

Sri Ganeswara Iron Industrial Works.3-4-1, Bartanavalli-231230.

Sri Ganga Bhavani Jewellery Mart.Near Ganesh Temple Street-231653.

Sri Gangaraja Textiles.Sridevi Market, Muslim Street-231225.

Sri Gayatri Fal-g Bricks Industries. Near Red Bridge, Challapalli Road-232636, 230316.

Sri General Stores.K Agraharam-237276.

Sri Hanuman Sweet Stall.Main Road-230193.

Sri Janardhan Jewellers. Vinayaka Temple Street- 231560.

Sri Jayaram Book Shop High School Road.8856-232967.

Sri Kala Saree Mandir -Muslim Street.8856-232910.

Sri Kali Prasad Timber Depot. Near Edarapalli Bridge-231365.

Sri Kalki Rice Depot.Yerramillivari Street-237453.

Sri Kalyana Sai Fancy & General Stores.Opposite R T C Complex-237432.

Sri Kamakshi Jewellers.Devangula Street-238053.

Sri Kanakadurga Jewellers. Main Road231913.

Sri Komal Jewellers Devangula Street. 8856-232583.

Sri Konaseema E M High School Konkapalli.    8856-232244.

Sri Koneseema Specialities Hospital.Gynecologists and Obstetricians,.  College Road. 230272, 232272.

Sri Krishna Coir Industries. Visweswara Agraharam. 8856-232027.

Sri Krishna General Merchants. Muslim Street8856-232385.

Sri Krishnaveni Educational Academy College Road 8856-228582.

Sri Lakshmi Automobile .Near Edarapalli Bridge8856-232976.

Sri Lakshmi Bakery. College Road. 8856-230571.

Sri Lakshmi Bala Balaji General Stores-Muslim Street.  8856-231237.

Sri Lakshmi Bankers.Sairam Market8856-232612.

Sri Lakshmi Durga Books & Stationery. Opposite High School. 8856-231732.

Sri Lakshmi Durga Kirana & General.  Beside Venkatarama Theatre, College Road-8856-231271.

Sri Lakshmi Enterprises  College 8856-231886.

Sri Lakshmi General Merchants  Main Road  8856-231931.

Sri Lakshmi Jewellers : Main Road 8856-230350